Welcome to a new era!

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I’ve been gone for quite some time. From this blog anyway. After launching the book, I had to step away. Breathe. Take a break from living inside my own head.

But a writer is a writer for good. Forever. And of course I am back at it!

I started a new blog.   (< It’s linked up but the actual web address is: saradiehl.wordpress.com)

So check it out. Follow me. Share your stories and blogs with me! A new chapter is the most exciting kind.

PS: In Spite Of My Mother is NOT dead! I will be posting on both blogs weekly.


Thank you all for the continued following, support and love. I still receive messages and comments from people all over the world who were, in some way, affected by my words. I found my purpose and you guys uplifted me. For that I am forever thankful.



The Power Of Prayer: Miracle’s In The Making

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The Power of Prayer

I’ve had an interesting few weeks…and I felt so compelled to share it with whoever will listen because I feel like my faith in humanity has been restored in a major way. In a number of ways I feel like we are all completely overwhelmed by the negative in this world. And while I am not one to turn a blind eye to the ugly truths of reality…I also feel like we don’t hear enough of the positive to counteract all the negativity we are surrounded by.

This has to do something awful to our mindset and our daily attitude towards life and the world. After awhile I believe this affects everything we do and our approach to our own dreams, people around us and where we are going.
So let me get to my point: I have been really honing in on Empire Coaching’s direction and why I feel so compelled to deliver my message with as many people as I can. As a business owner, with everything baring my name, I want to make sure I am true to what I believe and I am delivering valuable information…and not just adding to the overwhelming amount of information already floating around out there. I want to be useful and serve…and I want to use my experience in a major way! To make sure this is happening daily, weekly …consistently…that means I have to be in touch with not only myself, but with my direction and the path I belong on.
Obviously the best way to connect with yourself and your purpose is to pray, meditate…whatever it is that allows you to silence the world around you and just be…just listen. This is so incredibly important to our own well-being for so many reasons!

I know it sounds a bit cheesy…but I can attest to the power of this. Let me share my past few weeks with you:

I decided to take a week “off” for reflection. That meant I stopped all work on projects, writings…stopped the busy motion and swirling of my brain and thought process. I got up each morning with my coffee and filled each hour with every bit of inspiration I could get my hands on. I watched motivational videos, listened to uplifting music…and planned calls with my closest friends who always ignite inspiration! As you can imagine, it was an amazing week. I felt so inspired to send my motivation and uplifted spirit to the world! What happened at the end of that week is only something I can call a miracle.

I began receiving messages from individuals I’d never even met before (And a few I had!) who were looking for answers…or someone to listen…or someone to relate to. Not only did this happen over the weekend…the same thing happened the following week. My energy level shot through the roof, as I excitedly passed my words and experience onto others! I’m sure you can relate to this. When a group of individuals comes together and shares their experience or excitement…it’s an amazing feeling! All of the reflection I had taken the time to enjoy…all of the energy I was putting out into the universe was coming back to me quickly and in the most amazing way!

In life, our direction and path can either be confirmed through reciprocation or challenged. If the challenges are more prevalent than the reciprocation…maybe that’s your sign to reflect and meditate… pray…to find the answers you might not even know you are looking for. The power of this is unmatched.
I wanted to share this with you because I think (especially in the midst of chaos and destruction around us) sometimes we forget about this simple, yet powerful, way of connecting with the world around us. We never know where each day will take us. We have no way of knowing the plan or path in store for us. We only know by our feelings, the events around us and the “coincidences” of life whether we are on the right track. But if we don’t take time to listen, how will we recognize these subtle messages?

I urge you to listen. Pray. Meditate. Pay attention. And pour your positive energy into the universe. What you will find is that it will be matched. The life you desire can be yours…or you can belong to your life and daily routine.

Call To Action:
If you are inspired and ready to take action, here are a few tips to help you along!
1. A week may not be realistic in your life, so instead set aside 10-15 minutes in the morning and evening for prayer or meditation.
2. Make sure you are in a place you can relax, with no distraction.
3. Put on some music! Whatever speaks to you.
4. Turn off your mind (counting helps this!) and just breathe.
5. Focus on what inspires you. Think positive thoughts.
6. Commit! Adding this to your calendar is a great way to stay accountable.

Good luck! I would love to hear how this works for you, so please feel free to share your experience!

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Tales Of The Grim Reaper: Part Two

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First of all: If you didn’t read part one…go back and read it!

I started this mini-series because there is something valuable in my grieving experience…and this is why I (always) share. For a while, I quit posting in this blog, because I think people have this expectation that after a month or two, you should just get over it and move on. Or maybe they don’t think that…they just don’t want to hear about it anymore. Which I can understand completely…that caused me to hide away when I was feeling down. I would cry in the bathroom so nobody knew and I would get up in the middle of the night to hide and be alone. I think too much…so in my head I was trying to make everything make sense. Unfortunately in life, it doesn’t work that way. But I am a ‘why’ person…so it was comforting for me to search for answers, instead of just crying.

The actual grieving process on average takes a year. A full year. So much can happen in a year…something like this could really derail your life or force you to become lost and floating, it could force you to see life through new eyes, it could change everything. That’s what happened to me…every bit of it. My mother died in July. It has been 8-months almost to the day…and I am finally coming out of the fog. So while some of those around me whispered that it was time to quit whining about it and move on…my heart and brain just would NOT let it happen. The upside of that…I quit giving a fuck what anyone thought or wanted of me. I have lived the entire past 8 months entirely for myself. If I wanted to stay up all night, I did it. If I wanted to have conversation’s with dead people, I did it. If I wanted to write for entire days surviving only on coffee and my Pandora Bishop Allen station, I did. The problem with that is that a good amount of people had serious concerns that I may be losing it. Especially if you tell someone your dead mother is visiting you. They smile and nod and try to get away as quick as possible so they can call everyone they know and tell them how crazy it is. I FUCKING KNOW IT’S CRAZY. It’s happening to me. I wish they would have just said it to me…. “WOW that’s crazy!” It would have made for a better conversation…ha

My point in telling you all of this and sharing my mad ramblings with you…Is that I want you to know that it’s okay to grieve. It’s okay to feel. I grew up being told not to feel, not to cry, to suck it up, to stop being a girl…and in a way it hardened me…but it also made me feel guilty for having feelings at all. Sometimes it’s great to be less emotional…but there are times, you have to let that emotion out. You have to. If you don’t it will affect and change every part of your life, and I mean that. The next part of this mini-series I will go into great depth and detail about the times my mother visits me in my sleep/dreams. Stay Tuned. To Be Continued…

“Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside while still alive.”

Signing Off,
S. Diehl

Tales Of The Grim Reaper: Part 1

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I’m Back…

So here I am beating myself up for the million things… “things” I should be doing but am not…and I lost track of THE most important things. Period. Sounds cheesy, I know…just keep reading.

I need to keep pushing forward with the second book…wait reverse….I need to finish the reformatting on the first book. Damn…. It’s tedious and I hate it. Dreadful. So then, there is the second book…, which was taking off. Then BAM! Writers block is a bitch. Nothing. I’ve got nothing. I watched the sunrise on a beach after having amazingly deep conversations with strangers I will forever call friends, that kept me up the entire evening drinking Modelo’s and getting lost in time. I felt so inspired to just be. And feel the air and water and just breathe. Nevertheless, not inspired to write. Nothing. No writing juice. Then I realized…I was forcing the wrong thing. And here I am. So ecstatic to be writing. And maybe I should learn some patience.

Somewhere along the way, I got so far off track in my own life…I lost sight of who I was. Lost sight of my visions. Lost sight of what was valuable and important to me. I want it all back. I want to be me again. A better version. When my mother died, I didn’t know what to expect with the grieving process.  I got way more than what I expected. I got in over my head. I went down a path of destructive behaviors, I quit talking to most everyone around me about anything significant, long nights of drinking…which usually ended in crying fits…and finally (maybe my least proud moment) having a conversation in my car in the middle of the road with my dead mother.

I told myself when this happened, I would let myself grieve. I would allow myself to feel every ounce of the pain, the anger, the regret. I did that. And I assume most around me may have assumed I had gone crazy. I use the term crazy very loosely…but I WAS screaming at a non-existent person.

She…my mother…has visited me. When I went on vacation to Montana, I awoke to her in the room with me. The feeling was this amazing energy and it frightened me. I laid as still as possible and tried not to stare into the corner where I knew she was standing. She told me she wanted to be put to rest. I didn’t understand what she meant…and the moment was so overwhelming that when it came to an end, I immediately began sobbing. I had never felt so overwhelmed in my entire life. I woke up in the morning feeling a bit delirious. Had it all been a dream? What did that mean? Put to rest…she had been cremated. That’s about as much rest as anyone can get. What more did she want? And why…of all people…was she demanding it of me? I didn’t even know her in the last few years of her life.  Confusion joined the overwhelming feeling of my impending craziness. So I did what any normal and sane person would have done. I stopped sleeping. Yep. Easy enough solution.

Except, that made me crazier…and that did not stop her from talking to me when I finally had to sleep. Each time more intense. She was trying to tell me something…or I was trying to come to grasps with the fact that she actually was dead. I am not sure…still not sure. Then I decided not to make sense of it. I decided just to let it happen and go with my gut instinct. Although it sounds like a great idea…it was actually the worst (one of them anyway) decisions I had ever made. I fell further down the black hole of living in a world that only existed inside my own head. As much as I tried to reel it back in, I couldn’t. As creepy and disturbing as I felt about my mother visiting me from the grave (or urn) I thought if I pushed to move forward, this strange occurrence would stop happening and then…THEN…she would really be gone. I would rather have her haunt me in my dreams. So I pushed on. Barely existing. Scraping by. No intellectual stimulation…I didn’t want to mess with the fucked up (im)balance I had reached.  I stopped writing…I had nothing more to say. I stopped reading…I felt like my head was full…there was no room for new information. I didn’t want to be inspired. I just wanted to exist in this false reality. This was the beginning of my grieving process and there was more to come… To Be Continued.


…simple enough right?! ha…

Signing Off,

S. Diehl

Is That What You Want?

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Such a striking question. It tends to catch me off guard as well. As we move into a New Year, of course, I am looking forward at what this year should look like. I have been asking myself (over and over again) is that what you really <truly> want. I do this for the simple fact that…just like everyone else…I don’t always know what I want. And if I do, I don’t always know if it’s the best option for me.

Part of my goals in 2013 are to make more intentional decisions, and less on the fly, floating through life decisions. I want to make my own choices and options instead of just faltering between the options that are in front of me, eventually choosing one and then hating myself for it later. I may be exaggerating a little bit…but we have all been there. And I want to put a stop to it!

 SO I HAVE DEEMED 2013….(Are you ready for this?!)…

“The Year of Script” … I will be writing, and writing and writing some more! ( This will help keep me aligned with another goal… Completing ‘The Roots Below Me’ by the end of 2013)

I am sharing this with you for two reasons:

1- By making this public, I am more apt. to stay on track. Accountability ALL the way!

2- I hope this inspires you to set goals for 2013 and follow through with them. And I don’t mean silly resolutions that make you hate yourself for even saying them out loud….I mean REAL, forward seeking, soul digging, developmental goals!

Feel free to share yours with me as well. I love this kind of motivational buzz!

In Spite Of My Mother Update: Going through a self-publisher was (FUN!) challenging to say the least. I was not happy with the end product (it went to publishing in the wrong size….and there were a few editing mistakes somebody didn’t catch!) That means, ISOMM is getting a facelift…at such a young age too… It will be back available online in February in a new format! Then, I will be embarking on a book signing tour that should take me to a few states! (At least) If you already purchased a copy…You have what some would call the “limited edition” ha… Be back soon!

IGNITE! 2013 is here….

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Empire Coaching

Welcome to IGNITE!

IGNITE! is an amazing workshop that will leave you with a renewed energy for YOUR life!

This 3-hour workshop will feature guest speakers who are mothers, entreprenuers and so much more. You will also meet with and hear from our host Ms. Sara Diehl who is an author, a life coach and certified behavioral analyst.

Get ready for fun and excitement with individual and group activities that will empower you!

The best part is you will leave this workshop with all the tools and resources you need to start creating the life YOU want! Are you ready to get fired up about your life?!

The cost is only $25.00…. Unbelieveable!! Register yourself, your sister, your mother, your best friend…bring the women you love and come be empowered!!

VISIT: http://www.ignitewomen.info to register!!!!

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